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kelvin nguyen

On a journey to become a modern day renaissance man of the "internets" - I write, design, code, and create content.

Former Intuit & LinkedIn engineer, now working on a startup.

Work Experience

Software Engineer I, II, SR, Intuit

Support the QuickBooks Financing product on all levels of the technology stack as a Full Stack Engineer. Responsible for working cross-functionally across Intuit to implement new features, promote high quality engineering practices, and provide leadership for early career development.

  • Successfully led the the rewrite and rearchitecture of our entire web application stack from .NET/C# to Node.js end-to-end.
  • Rewrote the entire front-end UI experience to be a modern, single page application, incorporating Universal Javascript design patterns to improve our user experience and promote services oriented architecture.
  • Worked cross-functionally to implement a new internal developer portal that enables all QuickBooks Online engineers to manage and integrate new features within the QuickBooks ecosystem, significantly improving developer productivity and testability.
  • Continue to drive QuickBook Financing’s front-end development, implementation of new API’s, and new experiences for A/B testing.

Software Engineer Intern, Intuit

Implemented a proof of concept product that would allow Intuit and third-party apps to provide actionable tasks and relevant activities through a central, streaming feed. Developed a REST API as well as an embeddable HTML widget, a web prototype, and an Android app that integrated the API.

Software Dev/Test Intern, EMC

Created a “contact information” GUI in Java Swing that enabled users to add, update, and edit the contact information of their servers.

Software Engineer Intern, eBay

Built the front-end for an internal web application that allowed its users to view the Java dependencies between their machines.

Highlighted Posts

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Node.js has many web frameworks (Express, Hapi, Koa). I'm going to discuss how to write modular, extensible, testable, and scalable routing for your app/API

May 24, 2022 ■ Caffeine Coding

Draft.js, Redux, and Updating Your Editor in Real Time

Let's go over some issues I've encountered wiring up Facebook's Draft.js (a React rich text editor) with the Redux flow and my approach to solving these issues

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Why Intuit?

Why work at Intuit? Like many prospective Software Engineers, I have had the privilege to been able to work for several internships across various tech companies

May 24, 2022 ■ Caffine Coding

Validating a Customer Need with Rapid Experimentation

Through rapid experimentation & validation, learn how I prototyped a Google Allo Desktop App for OSX & Windows ( to validate a customer need


May 24, 2022 ■ Android Police

Unofficial web wrapper for Allo desktop client now available for Windows and Mac

May 24, 2022 ■ Android Beat

Developer Compiles Unofficial Desktop Client of Google Allo for Mac and Windows

May 24, 2022 ■ Reddit

There is an UnOfficial Desktop Client for Allo for windows and Mac

May 24, 2022 ■ MSPoweruser

Use Google Allo without installing Chrome with this desktop app

May 24, 2022 ■ Windows Latest

Unofficial Web Wrapper for Allo desktop now available for Windows

May 24, 2022 ■ Chrome Unboxed

Want to Use Allo Desktop But Don’t Like Chrome? Now You Can